Bons: Mod founded a base,so she drew me and one of her new Oc’s (Strawberry Sprinkle) over it because of being bored <3 it’s something!

Base »>

Bons: Mod founded a base,so she drew me and one of her new Oc’s (Strawberry Sprinkle) over it because of being bored <3 it’s something!

Base »>

I will miss you! I hope you'll be able to come back soon :(

Mod: I don’t think,so,Darling ^^U Tumblr has lost his magic on me…but maybe I’ll start uploading drawings of Bons and Lyra,I have to think about it

By the way, what is your DA account? Just want to make sure I don't lose touch :3

Mod: Oh,that… ^^U is this one,Dear

Where have u been? I miss chatting with u :C

Mod: I have been in Skype everyday óuòU but I’m not a person that normally starts conversations…even now I’m working in some DA stuff,so I’m not paying to much attention to my Skype

Awww, I am sad to see you go ;A; you where a great blog with fantastic art! But who knows, you might see me on DA sometimes. In the mean time, may you have good luck on all your endeavours :D

Mod: Let me look for you right now úwù I don’t want to be so far away of my followers…

Thanks you for the luck,Darling! ^^

Aww, going to miss this blog ;~; But in any case, thank you for entertaining us with it for so long! <3 I hope your future endeavours work out well for you. =3 *huggles*

Bons: Well… TuT thanks you,a lot! We’re going to miss all of you too! *Huggies*

Lyra: We’ll tell her that,trust us!

Bons: Mod doesn’t feel very good with Tumblr or her ask blogs… D: you aren’t the problem ok?! Calm down! She’s just lazy as ever and really busy with Deviantart things (she’s in other fandoms too).

Lyra: We don’t know if she’s going to use Tumblr in the future… :/ so all her blogs are going to be on a long hiatus…

Both: We’re very sorry for it!


Wow, I think I found her!

Puppy BonBon

Lyra: I need dat laser! *¬*

Bons: It’s never late to see answers and learn something… D:


“She’s been stuck on that pentagram slidey-bit in fatal frame for a week now, she beat one, only to find another- I offered to help but she wouldn’t let me, I think it’s a pride thing. 

She also get’s rather defeated and pessimistic when a puzzle beats her… So she’ll usually break down, cry to me, then play some more relaxed and straight forward games, like shooters…

Don’t get me wrong I’m still not complaining about her hobby, I just wish she would get so sad at the puzzles, she always assumes it should be solved HER way. Like the part in half-life 2 where you have to put the floaties under the bridge to keep it up. She gave up after placing one or two under there, and noclipped passed it, because she would just use her wings. She then went on to insult Gordan Freemane about being a useless earth pony, saved, shut it off, and snuggled with me on the couch.

I have noticed she gets rather loving when she steps away from a  rather frustration gaming session…” -DocWhooves

Coming back to actually work on the blog some more, yay~. I’m going to use this blog for general art practice from time to time, and to try out different styles and whatnot, so expect inconsistent character designs.

Bons: Oww! It’s ok… ^^U I’m going to do this for myself… D: I think

The Cute Battle of the Year!



‘Is this cute enough?’

Bons: Ugh! Too much power! DX

But I’m not going to let you win this so easy,Little Boy!